Journey to Sigma Pi for Bradley Poronsky

NOTE: The content and views expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Air Force, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government. The journey into Sigma Pi at The University of Texas wasn’t immediate for Bradley Poronsky (Texas ’01). However, it […]

A Reflection on the Founders’ Award

 By Matt Smith (Valparaiso ’01) As 2023 comes to a close and the new possibilities of 2024 rise before us, awash in opportunities for new and exciting things, it got me thinking about what truly stands the test of time. The easy answer, at least for Sigma Pi, is the brotherhood of our great […]

Sigma Pi Engage: Empowering Chapter Leaders and Creating Lasting Connections

In a world that often feels disconnected, Sigma Pi is taking a bold step forward with a new initiative, Sigma Pi Engage. Designed to provide members with transformative opportunities to learn, connect, and interact, Engage aims to bridge the gap between chapters, individuals, and the distance between them. This innovative program is set to revolutionize […]

Q&A with VP of Human Resources at Nestle USA, Tony Chukuka

Tony Chukuka (Cal State Long Beach ‘98) is currently the Vice President of Human Resources at Nestle USA. He possesses over 15 years of progressive HR experience across multiple industries, including Automotive, Government Contracting, and CPG. Tony received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from California State University, Long Beach, and his Masters of Arts […]

2021 Mid-Year Leadership Conference Speakers

We are thrilled to introduce the 2021 Mid-Year Leadership Conference Speakers. Our attendees will have the opportunity to learn from top industry leaders. To learn more about Mid-Year Leadership Conference, visit here.   About Nelson Farris (Cal State Long Beach ’63) Senior Director, Nike, Inc. Farris is Nike’s longest tenured employee and estimates that he […]

2021 Mid-Year Leadership Conference Facilitators

We are thrilled to introduce the 2021 Mid-Year Leadership Conference Facilitators. These facilitators will host sessions throughout Mid-Year, where they will cover everything from responsibilities as an officer to skills and tools to utilize in each role as an Executive Council Member of their chapter. To learn more about Mid-Year Leadership Conference, visit here.   […]

Opportunities Beyond Membership

The following contribution is from Kyle Heimbigner  (Washington State ’10) who was previously part of the Executive Office of Sigma Pi as Assistant Director of Visual Media, and is now an active member of the Marketing & Communications Task Force.  Membership in Sigma Pi opens a variety of doors for our undergraduates. During their collegiate […]

Financial Impact of the Pandemic

In case you missed it, the following article is from the Summer 2020 issue of The Emerald. Written by Joseph Conway (Cal State Fullerton ‘78) who serves as President for Diversified Investment Services. To read the issue, visit here.  Market Volatility and Your Retirement Investing Strategy Fluctuations in your 401(k) or retirement savings account can […]