Day One – Tuesday, August 10 

4-5 PM Central

Year-End Review – General Session

5-6 PM Central

Bayard Membership Experience (Sage, NME)

Health & Safety Review (2nd Counselor, Risk and Social Chairs)

Recruitment with PhiredUp (Recruitment Chair) 


Day Two – Wednesday, August 11 

4-5 PM Central

Bylaws and Policies – General Session

5-6 PM Central

Finances (Sage, 3rd Counselor)

Standards Board (1st Counselor, Risk Management Chair)


Day Three – Thursday, August 12 

4-5 PM Central

Ritual Review – General Session 

5-6 PM Central

Reporting (2nd Counselor, 4th Counselor)

Bonds of Brotherhood (Herald, Philanthropy Chair)

990 (3rd Counselor) 

6 PM Central

Closing Remarks – General Session