The purpose of the Expansion Department is to diligently research opportunities in order to establish and cultivate colonies to become a chapter that makes real the ideals of Sigma Pi. Our goal is to acquire premier institutions for expansion through values based recruitment of campus leaders, scholars, athletes and gentlemen.

Our current expansion efforts:

Towson University
Eta-Nu Colony
Pfeiffer University
New Colony
Plymouth State University
New Colony
University of Maine
New Colony
Elon University
Epsilon-Theta Colony
Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
Delta-Theta Colony

Think Sigma Pi might be a great fit for a university? Connect with a member of our expansion staff to learn more about interest groups and colonies

Interest Group Petitions

Sigma Pi Fraternity prides itself on being excellent in everything that we do. We do this by living out our values every day, and by doing so, we set the standard for fraternities on any given campus. To ensure that our colonies are the best groups on their respective campuses, the Fraternity’s colony development program includes requirements for interest groups petitioning to colonize. Depending on the institution, the interest group may be required to petition the Executive Office, the operation arm of the Fraternity, to approve colonization. This petition should primarily describe the interest group’s progress through these requirements.The interest group requirements will drive the group’s growth and become the foundation of future success. There are resources available to enable interest groups to meet these requirements in a timely manner. The Fraternity’s Director of Strategic Growth oversees the interest group process, working with the group and its leaders through the pre-colonization phase. He will continue to guide them as they strive to become a full chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity.

Interest Group Goals

  • Academic Excellence
    • Group GPA above both the campus’s All-Male and All-Fraternity Average GPAs
  • New Member Recruitment Plan (Values-Based)
    • Participate in recruitment training
    • Host at least three recruitment events
    • Amass a recruitment ‘names list’ of at least 100 men
  • Promote Fellowship & Inspire service
    • Organize and conduct a philanthropy event benefiting a charitable organization- preferably a mental health or suicide prevention event
    • Organize and conduct a service event in the local community
    • 80% of the interest group must attend an educational event; the event should focus on: personal development/professional development (i.e. health, study skills, professional development, etc.), or other educational workshops
    • Hold a formal (coat-and-tie) brotherhood dinner
    • Hold weekly brotherhood events to build camaraderie
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