Slice of Success: The Remarkable Journey of Much Ado About Pizza

From taking a gamble on a fresh start to landing a spot on the prestigious Top 100 U.S. list, Mark Zabrowski (Florida State ‘00) and his wife have become the proud owners of Much Ado About Pizza, a Shakespeare-themed artisanal sourdough crust pizzeria.

Mark and his wife, Kira, both former educators at a small private school in Northern California, found themselves seeking solace amidst the pandemic-induced stress. It was Kira’s venture into the realm of artisanal bread baking that ignited the spark of inspiration. Armed with determination and driven by insights gathered from the International Pizza Expo, they set out to transform their passion into a thriving pizzeria.

As the academic year drew to a close on June 10th, 2022, Much Ado About Pizza opened its doors on June 11th, marking the beginning of their new culinary journey. 

In less than two years, the dynamic duo not only steered their enterprise to success but also achieved remarkable milestones. At her inaugural international pizza competition, Kira secured the fourth position on a global scale, while Much Ado About Pizza earned its place on Yelp’s esteemed ‘Top 100 Restaurants In the U.S.’ listing.

Beyond their commercial triumphs, the couple’s philanthropic efforts shone brightly. They fundraised thousands of dollars for their local food bank, alongside donating hundreds of pizzas to feed the homeless in their community.

If you find yourself in Pleasanton, California, head on over to Much Ado About Pizza to visit your brother Mark and enjoy a slice of pizza! 

To learn more about Much Ado About Pizza, visit their website.