Business, Science & Technology

John Zimmer - Mu
Founder, Lyft
Jack Lazar - Zeta-Eta
Retired CFO, GoPro
Kevin Yeaman - Zeta-Eta
President and Chief Executive Officer, Dolby
Chris Murvin - Alpha Delta
General Counsel and Ground Floor Investor, Golf Channel
Barry Weiss - Mu
Chairman & CEO, Universal Republic Records
AJ Forsythe - Eta-Delta
Founder, iCracked
Lorenzo Fertitta - Epsilon-Chi
Co-Owner and CEO, Ultimate Fighting Championship
Jeff Arnett - Epsilon-Tau
Former Master Distiller at Jack Daniel’s Distillery
Nelson Farris - Beta-Omicron
Director of Corporate Education, Nike
Herman Fisher - Theta
Co-Founder, Fisher-Price
William D. Mensch - Kappa
CEO, Western Design Center, Inc. and inventor of the microprocessor for the Apple MacIntosh II
Walter Schirra, Jr. - Alpha-Mu
Astronaut: Project Mercury, Project Gemini, and Project Apollo
Chauncey Guy Suits - Tau
Co-founder of the National Academy of Engineering; Director of General Electric
Luther S. West - Mu
Scientist-Consultant, World Health Organization, United Nations
Max Ellis - Alpha
Explorer, Leader of the Gimbel Scientific Expedition to British Guiana
Arthur W. Turner - Sigma
President, American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers; Head Researcher, USDA
W. M. Kiplinger - Gamma
Founder, Kiplinger

Government, Military, Law & Politics

Curtis Shake - Alpha
Indiana jurist, politician, and Judge
Mike Beebe - Alpha-Pi
Former Attorney General and Former Governor of Arkansas
James R. Bullington - Alpha-Delta
U.S. Ambassador, Country of Burundi; Peace Corps Director, Country of Niger
Walter Downing Kephart - Delta
Danish Royalty
James E. Livingston - Alpha-Delta
Major General, United States Marine Corps, Awarded the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart and the Silver Star
William R. Peers - Upsilon
Lt. General, US Army. Investigator, US Army War Crimes Investigator, presiding over the Peers Commission investigation into the My Lai massacre and other similar crimes during the Vietnam War.; Author of The My Lai Incident
George K. Sisler -
First Lieutenant of the 5th Special Forces Group; Recipient of: Medal of Honor, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Order of Vietnam, Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Palm, Vietnam Campaign Medal
James M. Lyle - Alpha-Eta
Major General, US Army; Commanding General, US Army Cadet Command
Ray D. Free - Pi
Major General, United States Army Reserves; Past Commander of the 96th United States Army Reserve Command (Gt. Douglas, UT); President, Reserve Officers Association (1969-70)
Herbert H. Kerr - Delta
Director of Health Services Division, US Department of Health Education and Welfare
Mark Brnovich - Beta-Kappa
Arizona Attorney General

Sports, Journalism, Arts & Entertainment

Tracy Lawrence - Epsilon-Kappa
Country Music Superstar
Tony Romo - Beta-Gamma
Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys
Will Demps - Alpha-Omega
NFL Safety, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens & New York Giants
Ralph Baker - Theta
Linebacker, New York Jets
Hugh Taylor -Alpha-Pi
Wide Receiver, Washington Redskins Head Coach, Houston Oilers
James Avelar - Beta-Omicron
Fullback, St. Louis Rams
Jeff Gossett - Beta-Gamma
Punter, Oakland Raiders
Guy “Red” Mackey - Eta
Legendary Purdue Boilermaker athlete, three sport varsity letterman (football, basketball, track), Athletic Director, Purdue (1942-1971) for which he was honored as the namesake of Mackey Arena at Purdue University
Frank Broyles - Alpha-Sigma
Head Coach, Missouri and Arkansas Athletic Director, Arkansas
Frank Spaziani - Theta
Former Head Coach, Boston College
Ken Zampese - Epsilon-Chi
Quarterbacks Coach, Washington Football Team
Jay Jacobs - Alpha-Delta
Athletic Director, Auburn
Rich Herrera - Zeta-Kappa
Sports Radio Personality
John Milhiser - Eta-Gamma
Featured Player, Saturday Night Live
Daniel Gerson - Mu
Co-writer, Disney/Pixar’s “Monsters University”
James Reston - Phi
VP, Executive Editor and Staff Member, New York Times Pulitzer Prize Winner
Andrew Ross Sorkin - Mu
New York Times Columnist Co-anchor of “Squawk Box” on CNBC
Alex Mihailovich - Eta-Rho
Canadian television News Anchor and Reporter
Ethan Becker - Eta-Tau
President, The Speech Improvement Company Co-author, Mastering Communication at Work
Lewis Grizzard - Alpha-Phi
Author, Columnist & Humorist
James Goss - Alpha-Rho
Senior Vice President, The Inspiration Network
Bobby Burgess - Beta-Omicron
Entertainer, Mickey Mouse Club
Christofaro “Chris” Fiore - Alpha-Upsilon
Actor, Baywatch
Sebastian Maniscalco - Beta-Sigma
Comedian and Actor