The Quarterly Seminar is a Virtual Program hosted by Sigma Pi every semester for all members that will contribute to their success fraternally, personally, and professionally . This virtual program provides an opportunity for our members to connect between the Back to School Summit, Mid-Year Leadership Conference, and end of year where attendees will engage in topics pertinent to the success of their leadership, at that time, as they continue to expand their knowledge through conversation and networking.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall 2023 Quarterly Seminar! In order to view the recordings available, please click the topic below and follow the associated links.

Quarterly Seminar – Fall 2023

We sincerely thank all of our speakers for the Fall 2023 Quarterly Seminar!

  • Jake Reed (Arkansas ’19)
  • Past Grand Sage Joseph Palazzolo (Monmouth ’00)
  • Ian Wolf (Rutgers ’12)
  • Jacob Camilleri (Saginaw Valley State ’14)
  • Adam Dibble (Ferris State ’03)

Session Information

Live Session - Upcoming Events and Programming for You and Your Chapter (October 18, 2023)

Join speaker, Jake Reed, for this session on Upcoming Events and Programming for You and Your Chapter – where attendees will discuss upcoming programming opportunities available to them. Attendees will have these opportunities will be broken down into In Person Events (Engage, Tony Siress Leadership Summit, and Convocation), Virtual Programs (Quarterly Seminar and MYLC), and programming (Bonds of Brotherhood, The New Member Experience, Chapter Officer Transition Training, Self-Governance, RealWorld).

Managing Your Chapters Vendors

Join speakers, Joseph Palazzolo and Ian Wolf, for this session on Managing Your Chapter’s Vendors – where attendees will discuss maximizing their relationships with them. Attendees will delve into understanding various vendor types, implementing internal Chapter processes, navigating the relationship, and the connection between vendors and the undergraduate experience vs post graduate.

Fundraising for the Bonds of Brotherhood

Join speaker, Jacob Camilleri, for this session on Fundraising for the Bonds of Brotherhood – where attendees will further explore the Health and Safety Initiative of Sigma Pi Fraternity. During this session, attendees will better understand what the Bonds of Brotherhood is, resources available to them, and unique opportunities they can engage in to assist them in their fundraising efforts.

Interviewing - Best Practices and Tips for Success

Join speaker, Adam Dibble, for this session on Interviewing, Best Practices and Tips for Success – where attendees will develop their professional acumen through an important aspect, interviewing. Attendees will further explore the topic, sharpening your soft and hard skills, opportunities to enhance your skills, maximizing your network, and interview best practices and tips.