Sigma Pi Engage is an exciting initiative poised to redefine the fraternity experience for our members. This innovative program is uniquely designed to foster learning, connection, and interaction, both within and among chapters through regional-based educational programming. Our primary goal is to nurture strong relationships within local communities and neighboring chapters in each province, thereby enhancing both individual and chapter operational efficiency. Importantly, this initiative aligns with studies showing that fraternity men frequently embrace diverse viewpoints, a skill critical in today’s multicultural world.

The training offered by Engage on vital topics such as reporting, recruitment, onboarding, officer transitions, and risk management is not just about operational efficiency. It’s about leveraging the proven strength of fraternity men in collaborative learning environments, as highlighted by recent research. By capitalizing on this natural inclination towards teamwork and shared learning, Engage equips our members to be dynamic leaders who can adapt to and thrive in diverse settings.

Moreover, Engage seeks to rekindle the passion of our alumni, inviting them to participate as speakers and facilitators. Their involvement brings real-world experiences and insights, fostering a culture where current members can develop a heightened confidence in peer accountability, another key strength identified in studies about fraternity men. This mentorship bridges the gap between current members and alumni, creating a continuous loop of learning and leadership.

Overall, Engage is more than just a program; it’s a community builder and a leadership incubator. It’s an opportunity for our members to grow, not just within the confines of their chapter, but as impactful contributors to their local communities and beyond. With a focus on fostering a generation of fraternity men who are well-rounded, confident in their abilities, and committed to positive impact, Engage embodies the true spirit of fraternity.

The Province Map

With the launch of Engage, Sigma Pi made the decision to transition to a new provincial map consisting of ten provinces, effective immediately.

This move to ten provinces reflects the Fraternity’s commitment to adapt and evolve as an organization to better serve our members and enhance their fraternal experience. By realigning our provinces, we aim to foster stronger connections, facilitate more effective communication, and create a more cohesive Fraternity network.

The decision to transition to ten provinces was based on several factors, including geographic distribution, chapter density, and the need for streamlined administrative processes. This strategic change will allow us to focus our resources and support on a more localized level, providing enhanced opportunities for learning, engagement, and growth.

We believe that this transition will have numerous benefits for our members. With the new provincial structure, chapters will have closer proximity to neighboring chapters within their province, making it easier to collaborate, share best practices, and build stronger relationships. Additionally, this change will allow for more tailored programming and support specific to each province’s unique needs and characteristics.


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