The Tony Siress Leadership Summit

The Tony Siress Leadership Summit is a new annual leadership program designed for rising sophomore and junior year members of Sigma Pi Fraternity. The focus of this summit is to provide personal and professional development to our membership. Attendees will be immersed in an experiential learning environment, that will revolve around critical thinking, conflict management, interpersonal development, stress management, strengths-based thinking, group communication, and navigating organizational dynamics. Sessions will be taught by alumni members of Sigma Pi who have a breadth of knowledge in the professional world. Participants will enjoy the opportunity to not only learn, but to network with seasoned alumni who will share about their career matriculation and what is needed to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading rapidly across the world, the Executive Office of Sigma Pi Fraternity wants to be proactive in ensuring that our members remain safe and functional in the event of an outbreak on or near your campuses. Visit this link for more information and resources for chapters, colonies, volunteers, and housing corporations.