The Emerald Online, A New Take On Fraternal Communications

“We’re changing the world with technology.” – Bill Gates In 2015, that statement couldn’t be any more true. With the constant advancement of technology and the internet, communication has simplified. Today, The Emerald Online embraces the technological revolution, and enters 2015. With the implementation and development of, nearly every Sigma Pi member in the world […]

A Lasting IMPACT: Lessons Learned from the NIC’s Program

I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Middle Tennessee State University FSL Community this week as they held an IMPACT session, a leadership development and educational program organized by the NIC, for the newly elected leaders of their chapters and councils. As a small group facilitator, I had the opportunity to work alongside a […]

5 Minutes With: Joe Palazzolo – Alumni Volunteer

In this piece, I provide my two golden rules of alumni volunteering as well as some thoughts around each of those rules. The ideas below are not just applicable to Sigma Pi Fraternity, they are also applicable to any organization where there is a mentor/mentee relationship between individuals or groups. In May 2003, I graduated […]

5 Sensible Tips to Nutrition & Recovery With Your Exercise Program

For centuries, men have searched for any substance or technique that could enhance exercise and allow for more effective weight gain/loss or increases in strength and endurance. Many available performance enhancing products may report claims of potential amazing efficacy but use of them can be clouded by concerns over true scientific support, side effects, and […]

Introducing The Emerald Online

The Executive Office of Sigma Pi Fraternity, International is proud to announce the creation and development of The Emerald Online.  Launching alongside the 2015 Mid-Year Leadership Conference, The Emerald Online will feature a continuously updated platform, allowing Sigma Pi to move toward the future of online publications. Utilizing the model set forth by major magazine publications such […]

How Can Zombieland Change Your Life?

The movie Zombieland is a comedic action-packed movie starring the awkward Jesse Eisenburg, crazy Woody Harrelson, the gorgeous Emma Stone, and the loveable and almost classic Bill Murray. It’s a movie about a ragtag bunch that must survive when hell literally appears on Earth. From the beginning, we know there is going to be a […]

Aiello hired as Alumni Services & Communications Consultant

Sigma Pi Fraternity, International is proud to announce that Philip Aiello (Gamma-Mu, Wisconsin-Oshkosh ’15) has been hired to fill the role of Alumni Services & Communications Consultant for the Executive Office.  His primary objectives will be to manage a comprehensive program of alumni activities and events that will retain positive relationships with graduating students and […]