For 125 years, Sigma Pi has grown from humble beginnings to a national organization of 116,000 lifetime members, 232 chapters throughout its existence, and countless memories made for brothers across North America.

With our mission to inspire, promote, and support the lifelong development of our brothers in mind, Sigma Pi has embarked on a five year plan to guide the Fraternity and its members on our Golden Quest.

The ten focus areas are built around the clear need to provide immense value to our members and elevate Sigma Pi to the next level of fraternal progress, all while sustaining a clear and direct vision for the future of the Fraternity. Through this strategic plan, the aim is to provide clarity of the Fraternity’s goals, while giving our members a clear viewpoint on how they are deeply rooted in the Fraternity’s identity and can be genuinely involved in the success of the organization.

This is an Opportunity to define what Sigma Pi is, and to ensure that the Fraternity will be strong for its next 125 years.
Progress, man's distinctive mark alone, Not God's, and not the beasts'; God is, they are. Man partly is and wholly hopes to be.