Volunteers Make Sigma Pi Excellent.

Recall the pledge you took to Sigma Pi during your college years, and recall all you gained from the brotherhood, the lifelong friendships made, and everything you experienced outside the classroom that made you the successful man you are today. Maybe you got so much out of your undergraduate experience that you want to give back to Sigma Pi for the great times, or the lessons learned.  Your volunteer experience will help today’s undergraduates have the same great experiences you did. You can give back in the form of time, money, or both.

There are a variety of roles to be filled; please consider joining an existing chapter’s house corporation, or perhaps volunteering to become a Chapter/Colony Director or Province Archon.  You can give financially to Sigma Pi through a tax-deductible gift to the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation.

Volunteering for your Executive Office

Chapter/Colony Directors

Chapter/Colony Directors are the backbone of our volunteer corps.  They work exclusively with one chapter throughout the year.  They oversee all operations of the chapter, ensuring that the chapter is staying within all applicable local, state, and federal laws, as well as Sigma Pi’s International constitution and bylaws, the chapter’s own local constitution and bylaws, and the rules and regulations of the host institution (college or university).  Chapter/Colony Directors usually spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a week on chapter business.

As an appointed official from the Executive Office, you have a responsibility to ensure that chapter efficiency and success is maximized. As a Chapter/Colony Director you will oversee and implement an Advisory Board to assist in chapter operations, planning and assessment. Be prepared to assist the Chapters/Colonies with any question that they may have. Usually this is an email or phone call from an undergraduate member. As your advisor, your Province Archon should be available to answer questions and address concerns of the alumni volunteers and undergraduates in your province.

As a Chapter/Colony Director, you will be a vital part of the efficiency and longevity of Sigma Pi chapters. Review the expectations of Chapter/Colony Directors.

Province Archons

Province Archons oversee all parts of the Fraternity (colonies, chapters, alumni clubs, etc.) that are within their geographic area. They are appointed by the Grand Sage and serve a two-year term during each biennium.  This role is an important one.  Maintaining communication with your Chapter/Colony Directors, undergraduate leaders, other alumni volunteers, and the Executive Office is crucial.

As an appointed official from the Grand Council, you have a responsibility to make sure that all of the chapters/colonies in your province are properly reporting all new members that they may have.  As a Province Archon, you will receive copies of all correspondence between the Executive Office and all chapters/colonies and alumni in your region. Province Archons help train and assist Chapter/Colony Directors in their region.  You will be crucial in helping the Executive Office and the Grand Council recruit new alumni volunteers if those positions are not filled or become vacant. Be prepared to assist the chapters/colonies with any questions that they may have. Usually this is an email or phone call from an undergraduate member.  We strongly suggest one visit per chapter/colony per semester to introduce yourself and help out where needed.  Province Archons should also be available to answer questions and address concerns of the alumni volunteers and undergraduates in your region.

As a Province Archon, you will be a vital part of the growth and longevity of Sigma Pi Fraternity. Review the expectations of Province Archons.

Open Chapter Director Positions

Buffalo (Epsilon-Omicron)
Cal Poly (Eta-Delta)
Cal State Chico (Theta-Mu)
Carleton (Eta-Rho)
Elon (Epsilon-Theta)
Illinois State (Epsilon-Eta)
Maine (New)
Mississippi (Beta-Mu)
Montana State (New)
Morehead State (Delta-Rho)
Ohio (Epsilon)
Pfeiffer (New)
South Florida (Iota-Sigma)
Towson (Eta-Nu)
UC Santa Barbara (Alpha-Omicron)
West Virginia Tech (Gamma-Xi)

Open Province Archon Positions

Central California
Great Plains
North Carolina
Northern Indiana
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Advising for a Local Chapter

Supporting local chapters through advisory roles help strengthen the undergraduate experience directly. We feel that one of the keys to a successful organization is the involvement of a core group of alumni advisors to help assist and guide the undergraduates with different aspects of chapter operations. Sigma Pi’s most successful chapter/colony have exemplary and dedicated alumni advisors.

An Advisory Board is a group of volunteers who have limited time for volunteering, but extensive knowledge and expertise that could benefit our undergraduates. Geographically, Advisory Boards are generally focused on one chapter, but regional boards may be formed if there are 2 or more chapters that could benefit from the volunteers’ expertise. The Board does not need to be comprised solely of Sigma Pi Fraternity alumni. In fact, when people from outside of the Fraternity are brought onto an Advisory Board, they often bring a great new perspective to the table.

Housing Advisor – Ensure the chapter structure has proper maintenance and is compliant with fire and safety codes.  Work with the House Corporation (where applicable) on major renovations, repair projects, annual maintenance projects, ensure compliance with house rules, and coordinate future living arrangements.   For those chapters without a house, the Housing Advisor will work with alumni to establish a House Corporation to look to for potential housing options, and explore housing opportunities.

Academic Advisor – Monitor overall chapter and individual academic performance and scholastic organization.  They will work with individuals on academic goal-setting, time management skills, and career guidance.  This person will also work with the chapter’s scholarship chairman to oversee a program to ensure the chapter meets or exceeds Sigma Pi and the college/university’s minimum GPA requirements for members, pledges, and prospective new members.

Recruitment Advisor – Assist in organizing a structured recruitment process that complies with Sigma Pi and college/university/IFC guidelines/rules.  Will brainstorm with undergraduates about refining recruitment tactics and events for the future.  This person will also ensure all recruitment events adhere to FIPG/insurance/risk management guidelines.

Financial Advisor – Will guide the undergraduate Treasurer in financial planning, record keeping, and budgeting.  When needed, will assist with individual dues collection and personal financial management. This person will also ensure that all pledge & initiate fees are transmitted directly to Sigma Pi, and are not deposited in the chapter’s own account.

Alumni Advisor – Will assist in relaying information between the alumni and undergraduates through all media/mediums.  Will help undergraduates coordinate alumni events such as Homecoming, Founder’s Day, etc.  This person will also work with the First Counselor of the chapter in producing and distribution of the chapter’s alumni newsletter.

Membership Education Advisor – Will aid the chapter in structuring and completing a continuing member development program.  This advisor will certify the chapter’s strict adherence to the Foundation of Membership program.

Visit sigmapi.org/contact-directory to view the Chapter Director and find out more information on how to contact them.