Since its inception on February 26, 1897, at Vincennes University in Indiana, Sigma Pi has grown into an international Fraternity which prides itself on brotherhood, scholarship, chivalry, and leadership. Our men strive for excellence by living our core values to promote fellowship, develop character, advance heightened moral awareness, enable academic achievement, and inspire service.

In 2018, Sigma Pi acknowledged that an important element of its membership that needed to be addressed on a larger scale was the mental health of membership. That in turn would go on to drive initial partnerships with non-profit organizations who focused on mental health. This began an important period for the organization as both mental health and suicide prevention and awareness became pivotal pieces of both the philanthropic and altruistic mission of Sigma Pi.

In 2019, the Director of Chapter Services for Sigma Pi, Sonny Age (Alabama ‘08) took his own life. This – alongside many student and alumni members affected by similar situations – led to a period of grieving and overcoming many obstacles, both emotionally and operationally at the national level. However, it also increased the drive and determination of the organization to move forward with a Fraternity-wide mental health campaign.

In 2020, the conception of the Bonds of Brotherhood Companion Guide became the manifestation of years of desire and motivation for Sigma Pi to provide its membership with a comprehensive piece that would allow for all who accessed it to be able to both better advocate for mental health awareness and assist them in their personal trials in addressing the topic, whether that be with their peers or themselves. 

This is the Bonds of Brotherhood. 

Objective of the Program

The Bonds of Brotherhood initiative aims to leverage key insights into fraternity life to foster a comprehensive Mental Health and Safety (MH&S) experience. Recognizing that fraternity members are twice as likely to seek support from a brother over anyone else, this initiative underscores the unique role Sigma Pi can play in mental health awareness and intervention.

The goal is to highlight the critical role of MH&S within Sigma Pi, emphasizing how it affects not just individual members but also the broader community. With fraternity members being more inclined to seek therapy or counseling, Bonds of Brotherhood is positioned to encourage proactive mental health strategies. This understanding stems from a fraternity environment that nurtures open discussions on personal challenges, including relationships, family, and mental health struggles.

The initiative will educate the brotherhood and the Sigma Pi community about MH&S, integrating this awareness into the fabric of our daily interactions and support systems. Additionally, it will serve as a platform for educational programming grants, enhancing local and Fraternity-wide understanding of MH&S issues.

By engaging in Bonds of Brotherhood, members will not only expand their knowledge of MH&S but also drive local community awareness. This dual approach will involve alumni and community members in fundraising efforts, demonstrating the Fraternity’s commitment to MH&S.

The funds raised will be dedicated to creating grant funding for both internal fraternity initiatives and external enterprises that align with our MH&S goals. Through this initiative, Sigma Pi aspires to create a lasting impact on mental health and safety, both within our Fraternity and in the communities we touch.

Strategic Partnership

In May 2020, Sigma Pi officially partnered with the JED Foundation for the launch of Sigma Pi Lifeline, an online mental health resource center. This tool:

  • Provides college students with information about emotional health issues and the specific resources available on their campus 
  • Offers a confidential mental health self-screening tool 

The Jed Foundation (JED) is a leading nonprofit that exists to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults. 

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