The 2023 10 Stars Campaign

We’re excited to kick off the 10 Stars Campaign for 2023! Through the month of October, we’re rallying our members and supporters to contribute $10 or more and encourage 10 others to do the same. We believe that together, we can amplify the power of collective giving and drive positive change within Sigma Pi.

When you financially support Sigma Pi, you’re investing in the future of our Fraternity and the development of our members into strong, driven leaders. Your contribution provides the resources, training, and opportunities needed for our members to succeed and make a positive impact in their communities and careers.

Those who donate over $100 unrestricted to the Campaign will receive a complimentary Sigma Pi script embroidered hat*! Supporting the 10 Stars Campaign with a gift of $10 or more also enters you in a drawing for the amazing Adytum 2020 Pinot Noir from Radiant Napa Valley, our official wine brand (must be 21 or older).

Sigma Pi has provided 10 Ways to Give to the 10 Stars Campaign to make your contributions impactful in your own way:

  1. General Fund: Support our educational efforts by giving to the General Fund.
  2. Chapter Funds: Directly contribute to your chapter’s Educational or Housing Fund.
  3. Scholarships: Empower individual members with opportunities for success through scholarships.
  4. Bonds of Brotherhood: Strengthen the mental health of our members through education.
  5. Educational Programs: Ensure access to essential Sigma Pi programs.
  6. Delta Society: Join the honorary society for undergraduate supporters.
  7. Lavender Society: Recognize your commitment with a monthly recurring gift of $100 or more.
  8. Owl Society: Start a tradition of giving with a monthly recurring gift of $18.97 or more.
  9. Legacy Giving: Secure your legacy through FreeWill, a free online tool for estate planning.
  10. Historical Preservation: Contribute to the digital preservation of our rich history for future generations. (Make a gift to the general fund and leave a comment that says “Historical Preservation.”)

Your contributions are the driving force behind our Fraternity’s success. They go beyond providing financial support; they create an environment where our members can thrive. It also nurtures an environment where members can develop essential leadership skills, enhance personal and professional growth, and establish lifelong connections.

Donating to Sigma Pi means investing in a brighter future, not only for our Fraternity but also for our members. Your generosity ensures that they are well-prepared to face the world’s challenges and make a lasting impact. It’s more than giving money; it’s making a difference in the lives of our members.

To make your contribution to the 10 Stars Campaign and learn more about how you can support Sigma Pi, visit We encourage all alumni, friends, and supporters to join us in this mission. Your support, no matter the size, helps us maintain our tradition of excellence and ensures that Sigma Pi remains a thriving, supportive community for generations to come.

*Your donation of $100 or more to the 10 Stars Campaign qualifies for a tax credit, minus the fair value of the Sigma Pi ballcap, which will be provided as a token of our appreciation.