Jackson Young among those celebrating Founders’ Day with Theta-Nu Chapter

This past weekend, Theta-Nu Chapter (Univ. of Houston) was honored to have alumnus Jackson Young (Alpha) attend their first Founders’ Day Dinner.  The chapter hosted the dinner at the infamous (and haunted) Spaghetti Warehouse in Downtown Houston.  All of the active brothers had the distinct pleasure of dining and exchanging memories with each other.  Additionally, they were able to meet some interesting individuals and they advised us on how Sigma Pi provided many opportunities and groomed them into the gentlemen they are today.  Brother Adrian Jordan stated, “When the alumni shared their stories of great adventure during their undergraduate years, it’s really impacted me.  I am not only proud, but also honored to be a Brother of Sigma Pi.  I hope that someday I would be in a position to not only share my experiences, but advise the next generation of Sigma Pi’s!!”
Alumnus Brother Jackson Young was in town this past weekend to help out Brother Hugo Soto with a project, which turned out phenomenal.  While the project has not been 100% completed, everyone’s contributions this past weekend exemplified what Sigma Pi Brothers do for each other.  Please make sure to follow Jackson Young and his county music career via the following sites:

(submitted by Texas PA Chris Chesney)