Pakistani Student at Murray State Makes Most of Short Stay

EDITOR’S NOTE: The selection below originally ran in an article on the The Murray State News publication and was written by Nick Erickson. To read the article in its entirety, please click here.

There is an abundance of foreign exchange students who travel from their home countries to attend Murray State. However, not many of those students stay for the traditional college timespan of four years. Not many of these students affiliate themselves with Greek life on campus, either. Birth Subhash, an exchange student from Karachi, Pakistan, is breaking this norm by rushing Sigma Pi this semester and immersing himself in the activities and friendship the fraternity has to offer.

Subhash, a junior computer science major, came to Murray State through the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), which chose Murray State as his best fit.

“I’m here for just one semester, but I can accomplish a lot,” Subhash said. “Although it’s such a short stay, I’m so happy with Murray.”

Subhash said he wanted to enroll in the foreign exchange program to learn more about U.S. culture, as well as his own.

Subhash said IREX required him to engage in an on-campus student organization, and he said joining a fraternity was a great opportunity to do so. He had never known about Sigma Pi before coming to Murray State, but soon knew it was the fraternity for him.

“I met with one guy from Sigma Pi, and he told me everything about it,” Subhash said. “Then, I met with other brothers and everyone was really helping, so I decided to join.”

Subhash said he has some other requirements from the IREX, and he plans to correlate with his relations with the fraternity.

“I can complete most of the program requirements through being in Sigma Pi,” Subhash said. “For example, I can do my 20 hours of community service, all while being with my brothers.”