Protecting Our Legacy

Nike. Jeep. Timberland. These brands and their logos have trademark laws protecting them from misuse. Our fraternity name is no different. It is our right and responsibility to protect our name and the symbols that we have valued for more than 118 years. Therefore, Sigma Pi registers its marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is taking measures to ensure our marks are used appropriately in marketing and merchandising.

Sigma Pi and Affinity Consultants

Sigma Pi has aligned with 106 other Greek organizations through working with Affinity Consultants, a company founded to help organizations protect the integrity and ownership of their trademarks. Affinity Consultants works with Sigma Pi in granting licenses to companies that manufacture merchandise bearing our name, Greek letters, crest, badge and symbols. Through the licensing program, vendors submit all products and designs for approval to insure that are marks are not associated with any products and/or designs that glorify alcohol abuse, sexism, hazing, drugs or discrimination.

Why Work with Licensed Vendors?

The relationship between the fraternity and licensed vendors is a win-win situation. A licensed vendor agrees to work with Sigma Pi to ensure proper use of our trademarks and to sell high quality products at reasonable prices and to offer good customer service. In exchange, approved vendors are given the approval to produces products and/or services in association with our organization.

How Can You Help

Alumni and collegians play an important role in the success of the licensing program. Licensed manufacturers will place a special Official Licensed Product Logo (see below) designed for members of Affinity Consultants on all items bearing Sigma Pi symbols. Look for this logo when shopping in campus bookstores, Greek specialty stores, catalogs and web sites. Members who buy products with this special seal can do so with confidence, knowing the fraternity has approved the product and they are purchasing from a licensed vendor. In addition, chapters and alumni associations can support the program by having special items produced only by licensed vendors.

To locate an always up-to-date list of Sigma Pi’s officially licensed vendors, please visit

If you would like to nominate to a vendor to become licensed with our organization, please send their company information including name, address, phone, e-mail and web to