Sigma Pi and Licensed Vendors

At Sigma Pi, we’ve partnered with over 200 licensed vendors to bring you the best selection of branded items from your Fraternity. A licensed vendor agrees to work with Sigma Pi to ensure proper use of our trademarks, to sell high-quality products at reasonable prices, and to offer good customer service. In exchange, vendors are given the approval to manufacture and sell products in association with our organization.

Our members play an important role in the success of the licensing program. Licensed vendors will place a special seal on all items bearing our trademarks. Members who buy products with this special seal can do so with confidence, knowing that Sigma Pi has approved the product. In addition, chapters and members can support the program by having custom items produced only by licensed vendors.

Click here to locate an always up-to-date list of officially licensed vendors and a marketplace of licensed products. If you would like to nominate to a vendor to become licensed with our organization, please send their company information to