It is customary that Convocation be held every two years, but the Grand Chapter on occasion, has met in Convocations that were not regular or biennial. These Special Convocations were held, upon necessity, in 1909, 1919, 1921, 1937, and 1947 (the Golden Anniversary Convocation.)

There have been several instances in which regular Convocations were postponed due to extenuating circumstances. The first such postponement, in 1918, was due to World War I; the postponements in 1932 and 1936 were products of bad economic conditions in the United States. To compensate for these postponements, the Fraternity combined the 6th & 7th, 13th & 14th and 15th & 16th Biennial Convocations of the Grand Chapter.

Two Convocations (1942 and 1944) were outright canceled on account of the large number of chapters rendered dormant during World War II.

The 2020 Convocation was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On May 7, 8, and 9, 1908, there was a national meeting held in Vincennes, Indiana that was not a Convocation but was termed a “congress” and marked the commencement of the career of Sigma Pi as a national fraternity. At this meeting were representatives of the Sphinx Club at the University of Illinois and Phi Kappa Phi at Ohio State University. Charters were granted to these local organizations creating the Phi chapter at the University of Illinois and the Gamma chapter at Ohio State University, respectively.

Number Year Location
1st 1909 Columbus, Ohio
Special 1909 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2nd 1910 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3rd 1912 Columbus, Ohio
4th 1914 Champaign, Illinois
5th 1916 Ada, Ohio
Special 1919 Cincinnati, Ohio
6th – 7th 1920 West Lafayette, Indiana
Special 1921 Athens, Ohio
8th 1922 Vincennes, Indiana
9th 1924 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10th 1926 Vincennes, Indiana
11th 1928 Atlanta, Georgia
12th 1930 Cleveland, Ohio
13th – 14th 1934 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Special 1937 New York, New York
15th – 16th 1938 French Lick, Indiana
17th 1940 Evergreen, Colorado
18th 1946 Asheville, North Carolina
Golden Anniversary 1947 Indianapolis, Indiana
19th 1948 Excelsior Springs, Missouri
20th 1950 Salt Lake City, Utah
21st 1952 Bedford, Pennsylvania
22nd 1954 French Lick, Indiana
23rd 1956 Pasadena, California
24th 1958 French Lick, Indiana
25th 1960 Williamsburg, Virginia
26th 1962 French Lick, Indiana
27th 1964 Edgewater, Mississippi
28th 1966 Washington, D.C.
29th 1968 Mackinac Island, Michigan
30th 1970 San Francisco, California
31st 1972 French Lick, Indiana
32nd 1974 Atlanta, Georgia
33rd 1976 San Diego, California
34th 1978 Seven Springs, Pennsylvania
35th 1980 St. Louis, Missouri
36th 1982 Louisville, Kentucky
37th 1984 Scottsdale, Arizona
38th 1986 Washington, D.C.
39th 1988 Chicago, Illinois
40th 1990 New Orleans, Louisiana
41st 1992 Irvine, California
42nd 1994 Baltimore, Maryland
43rd 1996 Toronto, Ontario
44th 1998 Tampa, Florida
45th 2000 Phoenix, Arizona
46th 2002 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
47th 2004 Chicago, Illinois
48th 2006 New Orleans, Louisiana
49th 2008 Long Beach, California
50th 2010 Danvers, Massachusetts
51st 2012 San Antonio, Texas
52nd 2014 Orlando, Florida
53rd 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada
54th 2018 Niagara Falls, New York
55th – 56th 2022 San Antonio, Texas
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