Bike-a-thon promotes life appreciation

When their younger son attempted suicide, the Agudo’s wanted to show him that life is beautiful and wonderful, so they created Living Is So Big, and that summer they sold everything they owned and went on the road to share their message.

The foundation’s goal, according to their website, is to help people realize that the world and everything in it is beautiful, and life is worth living.

“I am really proud of (my family),” said Stephen Agudo, senior business management major. “If it wasn’t for school, I would be out there with them spreading the message.”

Agudo explained that his parents and brother have taken LISB on the road and across the nation. They have hit 50 cities and traveled over 18,000 miles to show people how to appreciate life.

“It’s not just about suicide anymore,” Agudo said. “It’s more than that. It’s trying to remind people to get all the negativity out of their life and just remind people that there is so much more (that is) positive that it is just harder to see with all the negative that overflows.”

His younger brother travels with his parents, and when they do events, he tells the story of what he was going through and how his focus on negativity brought him down to the point where he didn’t want to live anymore.

“This road trip has helped him out a lot because LISB has saved lives,” Agudo said. “They’ve been touching people and doing work.”

The men of Sigma Pi show support for LISB in their annual bike-a-thon, which was held on Saturday. During the bike-a-thon, Sigma Pi rode bikes from Emporia to Williamsburg in a 40 mile trip to raise money for LISB.

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