Adytum on High: PGFoC Arthur L. Lewis (Alpha-Mu, NJIT ’47)

The Executive Council for 1962-1964: GFoC Arthur L. Lewis, GSC Curtis G. Shake, GTC Lyle H. Smith, GS Frank C. Fryburg, PGS William J. Cutbirth Jr., GH Lawrence H. Bixby, and GFC J. Robert Odaniell

To all members of Sigma Pi:

On June 19, 2015, the Executive Office was notified that PGFoC Arthur L. Lewis (Alpha-Mu, NJIT ’47) passed to the Adytum on High. He had previously served as Grand Herald (1960-1962) and Grand Fourth Counselor (1962-1964). In 1972, he received the Founders’ Award for his service and dedication to Sigma Pi.  Additionally, he served as Chairman of the Sigma Pi Foundation in 1977.

Respects can be sent to the Lewis Family at 368 Warrenville Road, Green Brook, NJ 08812.


Grand Sage and Grand Council of Sigma Pi Fraternity, International