2020 Mid-Year Leadership Conference Recap


This Mid-Year Leadership Conference, Sigma Pi decided to reimagine our curriculum approach. We did this by focusing on our key goal of educating our members on how to become better leaders within our organization and to provide them with the proper information and resources to accomplish that goal. With the assistance of our facilitators and speakers we are able to cover a wide range of topics from Leading an Organization, Annual Financial Planning, Stress and Time Management, and many more. We believe the topics discussed throughout the MYLC curriculum will lay a foundation for our undergraduate officers to become better leaders.

 I would like to personally thank all the volunteers who assisted us in the development of the curriculum and provided the Executive Office staff with much needed support throughout the conference. I would also like to thank our guest speakers, Paul Sapenaro (Missouri State ’74) and Judge Robert Clarke (UMSL ’02), for giving of their time and efforts to help educate our undergraduate leaders on necessary skills and lessons on being leaders of their Chapters. 

Lastly, I would like to thank all those who attended the conference. Without their devotion and dedication to their individual chapters, Sigma Pi would look very different and I hope that the education provided within the conference assists them in their progress. 

We would love for you to see all the fun we had at the Mid-Year Leadership Conference at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKB1mhX

Respectfully and Fraternally, 

Russell Kizior 

Assistant Director of Conferences and Events