100,000th Initiate of Sigma Pi

Sigma Pi Fraternity, International is proud to announce a landmark event for the Fraternity. Ethan Hernandez (BT, Valparaiso ’18) is the 100,000th initiate of Sigma Pi. Hernandez was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He currently attends Valparaiso University as a Physics major, with future plans to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point.

When the fraternity recruitment process came around in January, Hernandez decided to partake in the festivities; the free food and interaction with new people provided goodreasoning to attend the events. However, the men of Sigma Pi quickly made him realize the unique opportunity he could have with the fraternity. Hernandez soon began attending events with the fraternity. The welcoming and friendly demeanor of the brothers added more interest in Sigma Pi for Hernandez. He saw the brotherhood and the potential to do great things with the group of young men he met during recruitment. He enjoyed the time he was spending so much that he invited a friend along for his second visit to the chapter. During the bid acceptance stage, both young men made the clearest decision they saw in front of them: they chose to become members of Sigma Pi. “Chance would have it that I’m the 100,000th, but it is no accident that Sigma Pi has grown to such a number of brothers,” Hernandez said. “Here’s hoping for a continuation of what makes this fraternity great, and for 100,000 more to pledge their love and loyalty to Sigma Pi Fraternity.”