2021 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021 scholarship recipients! The Sigma Pi Educational Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies to help our members remain competitive in school and the Greek Community. This year the committee reviewed all applications and awarded a total of $42,750 in scholarships to 36 award winners. Interested in future scholarship opportunities? Visit here

Every dollar given to the Educational Foundation is an investment in the future of our Fraternity and the young men who have and will pledge their lifelong loyalty to Sigma Pi. Donate now to support the undergraduate members of Sigma Pi.

Colonel Walter H. Lemmond Memorial Scholarship

John Kerdasha (Georgia ’19)

Andrew Johnston (Auburn ’20)

Brendan Breslin (Alabama ’20)

Jesse Mink (Alabama ’20)

Andrew Kirkland (Georgia ’20)

Timothy B. Haney Scholarship

Joshua Lindsay (Penn State ’19)

Noah Webbere (Penn State ’19)

Maxwell Bidic (Penn State ’19)

Tony Siress for Zeta-Eta Scholarship

Alec Lindeman (Santa Clara ’19)

Nicholas Maes (Santa Clara ’20)

Brant Paylor (Santa Clara ’19)

Matthew Yuke (Santa Clara ’19)

Sam Vila (Santa Clara ’20)

Laverne M. Rovira Legacy Scholarship

Dylan Bertalli (Cal State Fullerton ’20)

Dil Sen (UC Berkeley ’19)

Taylor LaMagna (Legacy of Epsilon-Nu Brother) 

Kody B. Cranney Memorial Scholarship

Omot Ajang (Colorado ’21)

PGS Jack C. Fields Memorial Scholarship

Tyler Young (Keene State ’20)

Dylan Borowski (Florida State ’20)

Byron R. Lewis Academic Scholarship

Sungyu Kwon (Michigan State ’20)

Phillip Hernandez (Oregon State ’19)

Carlos Navarro (Monmouth ’21)

Cyrus E. Palmer Leadership Scholarship

Bryce Williams (Ferris State ’18)

Dil Sen (UC Berkeley ’19)

Paul-Daniel Brewington (Murray State ’20)

Michael Cadwell (Central Missouri ’20)

Cletus A. Broecker & Richard Barnard Memorial Scholarship

Eldon Pearson (Grand Valley State ’19)

Victor Bisbal (Cornell ’21)

Christopher Beggs (Oregon State ’20)

Grant Shah (Bentley ’20)

Judge Curtis G. Shake Law Scholarship

David Maly (Texas ’13)

Richard Cantoral (St. John’s ’15)

Nicolas Espinosa (Iowa State ’17)

Fryburg Fellowship

Andrew Carpenter (Middle Tennessee ’18)

Lothar Iversen Scholarship

Ian Wolf (Rutgers ’12)

Nicholas Amster (St. John’s ’15)