How do you want to give?

Your gift has the power to change lives. 

Every dollar given to the Educational Foundation is an investment in the future of our Fraternity and the young men who have and will pledge their lifelong loyalty to Sigma Pi.

Improving and expanding our educational programs will better position Sigma Pi and our members for growth and prosperity. Financial contributions will allow:

  • Immediate Impact – Your support goes to work right away
  • Affordable Options – Make a dramatic impact with a manageable monthly contribution
  • An Investment in Our Future – Create a sustainable future for Sigma Pi’s educational programs
  • Ease the Burden – Support current and future Sigma Pi brothers

After you submit your contribution, you should receive an immediate confirmation on the screen, as well as an immediate email confirmation. If you do not receive either of these communications, please contact the Foundation office at 615-921-2300 to ensure your charge processed correctly. Use the buttons at the top of this page to make an online donation. 

Endowments for Sigma Pi

Annual fund gifts to the Educational Foundation help fund MYLC, Convocation, and similar programs from year-to-year. However, these resources must be secured at the same or higher level each and every year, leaving the programs at the mercy of the ebbs and flows of the economy as well as our ability to raise funds, which also varies from year-to-year.An objective of the Educational Foundation is to create endowments for the MYLC and SPU, in the hopes to ensure the long-term stability and sustainability of these programs. Endowed funds under prudent management and investment would produce income capable of supporting the annual expenses of the programs. Growth of the endowments over time would allow for expansion and improvements to the already excellent programs.

Let there be no doubt that these endowments are important. For many of our young brothers, the personal and professional training they need to be truly successful men and leaders does not come just from their school work. It comes from their involvement in Sigma Pi. SPU and the MYLC reinforce Sigma Pi’s mission “to advance man’s quest for excellence.” Your gifts of support help us achieve that outcome.

These endowments are not a luxury but a necessity. As Foundation and Fraternity expenses increase every year along with the cost of fundraising, it is irresponsible to function in a manner that requires operating funds and educational expenditures to be raised in the same year they will be spent. Yet at the same time, we cannot afford to let programs like MYLC and SPU be neglected because of rising costs. The impact they have on our Fraternity and the young men who attend is just too great.