Upper-Canada Alumni Association approved by Grand Council

Sigma Pi Fraternity International announces that the Grand Council has approved the Petition to Charter to the Upper-Canada Alumni Association.

The undergraduate and alumni membership now have a valuable resource based in the region of Ontario, Canada, where they will connect outside the walls of the university system to create the beneficial friendships that are so vital to the personal and financial growth of our membership.  

We thank the founding members and the (64) chartering members of the Upper-Canada Alumni Association for their incredible work and commitment to a united Sigma Pi brotherhood: James Aire, Alex Chesser, Eric Hazelton, Carl Kazmierczak, Alex McDougal, Preetham Natarajan, David Rigby, Michael Penny and Robert Spender.

We are proud to have the values of Sigma Pi gowing across international borders and we look forward to pushing our membership on this front with great excitement.

Congratulations to you all.