Chivalry is a part of Sigma Pi Fraternity

Every year the Sigma Pi fraternity hosts a chivalry dinner for one of the sororities around the campus. This yearour guests were from the sorority Chi Omega Rho. Our host and leader for the event, brother Mohammad Abusitta, was able to pull off a wonderful night of laughter and friendship in the UTLC gallery.

The brothers of Sigma Pi got there early to make sure everything was properly set up so we would not have any complications. As soon as the ladies began to arrive, the brothers were already lined up at the entrance, taking their coats and hanging them on the coat racks.

Each table was formally set up with a proper salad plate and service plate, water goblet, and silverware wrapped beautifully in a white linen napkin. Each table had a designed card for each person so no one got lost with the seating. Each brother kindly escorted each sorority girl to her seat.

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