Sigma Pi Fraternity values the privacy of our members, friends and donors. As such, we’ve placed limits on who may be able to receive your contact information and the ways in which it can be accessed. Should you choose for your information to be shared, you may opt out by completing the Update Your Information form, which contains options on what information you care to receive. Only those in the following categories are permitted to receive your contact information, unless you choose to opt out.

  • Alumni of your chapter who serve as leaders within an active alumni chapter or housing corporation.
  • Executive Council members of your chapter.

It is expressly understood that alumni lists contain personal and proprietary information and are not to be sold or given to any outside agency, individual or business for the purposes of solicitation or telemarketing. Such action is a violation of federal privacy laws and is subject to prosecution. By requesting and receiving an alumni list you accept and agree to these terms and conditions and understand that violation of the same will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action to you and your chapter.