2020 Awards Recipients

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Individual Awards

Cletus A. Broecker Award – Amar Thakor (Florida State ‘16)

Harold Jacobsen Award – Andrew Carpenter (Middle Tennessee ’18)

Curtis G. Shake Award (Province Archon) – Ian Wolf (Rutgers ’12) New Jersey Province

Lyle Smith Award (Chapter Director) 

  • Angela Woods, Beta-Mu,  The University of Mississippi
  • Brother Bill McKnight (Auburn ’59), Alpa-Delta, Auburn University
  • Brother Matt Kuhn (Embry-Riddle – Daytona Beach ’88), Eta-Sigma, Colorado State University

Michael P. Carey Award – Anthony Zampese (San Diego ’17)

Joseph F. Marsalek, Jr. Dedicated Alumnus Award – Charles Eldridge (Morehead State ’86)

Founders’ Award

  • Michael Hobson (Worcester Polytechnic ‘81)
  • William McGinnis (Indiana ‘66)


Group Awards

Most Improved Chapter Award – Theta-Omega, Middle Tennessee

Most Outstanding Alumni Club Award – Orange County Alumni Association

Beyer Fryburg 1000 Efficiency Award – Gamma-Iota, Worcester Polytechnic

William J. Cutbirth Jr. Award – Iota-Tau, St. John’s

Greek Advisor Award – Christopher Graham, Eta-Epsilon, Florida State

Louis Foley Award (Undergrad) – Iota-Tau, St. John’s “The Hoot”

Bryon R. Lewis Academic Cup – Epsilon-Rho, Drury


Grand Chapter Awards 

  • Alpha-Iota, Missouri S&T
  • Gamma-Upsilon, Murray State
  • Gamma-Gamma, Central Missouri
  • Iota-Tau, St. John’s
  • Eta-Tau, Fitchburg State
  • Gamma-Iota, Worcester Polytechnic
  • Theta-Eta, Old Dominion 
  • Theta-Beta, Saginaw Valley State


Grand Council Awards

  • Tier 1
    • Omega, Oregon State 
    • Beta-Pi, Virginia 
    • Zeta-Mu, Michigan State
  • Tier 2
    • Theta-Eta, Old Dominion
    • Alpha-Iota, Missouri S&T
    • Gamma-Gamma, Central Missouri
  • Tier 3
    • Theta-Rho, Grand Valley State
    • Epsilon-Nu, Cal State-Fullerton
    • Gamma-Upsilon, Murray State
  • Tier 4
    • Iota-Tau, St. John’s
    • Eta-Tau, Fitchburg State
    • Eta-Eta, Bridgewater State


Grand Sage Cup 

Tier 1, Rolin Rosco James Tier – Omega, Oregon State 

Tier 2, William Raper Kennedy Tier – Gamma-Gamma, Central Missouri

Tier 3, James Thompson Kingsbury Tier – Epsilon-Nu, Cal State-Fullerton

Tier 4, George Martin Patterson Tier- Iota-Tau, St. John’s