Join the Owl Society

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest giving level, the Owl Society!

The Owl Society is a program for any alumni who start an unrestricted monthly gift of at least $18.97. This is a great entry point into establishing a tradition of giving back to your Fraternity! Once giving has been established, the donor will receive a special lapel pin recognizing their membership in the Owl Society. After one year of annual payments, the donor will also receive a special gift from the Fraternity.

Not long ago, you made the important decision to join an organization that has developed leaders for almost 125 years. You are one of these many future leaders that will change the world and build upon our great Fraternity. Becoming an Owl Society member allows you to give back to your Brotherhood so that more emerging leaders that will come after you have the resources and tools they need to succeed. 

Today’s undergraduate men are facing several challenges, the most prevalent being uncertainty. The Sigma Pi Educational Foundation has never been more dedicated to supporting the young men in our active chapters. As we push forward together, it’s imperative that we also live by our core values and advance our brotherhood’s impactful ideals. 

During this season of giving, Sigma Pi alumni can rest assured that gifts of all sizes to the educational foundation will make a tremendous difference in the lives of our undergraduate brothers. Your charitable support provides necessary resources to develop and provide educational training and programs on leadership, health and safety, organizational effectiveness, and financial management, just to name a few. 

Members of the Owl Society will get exclusive invitation to attend future events, including the Leadership Speaker Series (attendance may be limited for certain events).