Quarterly Recognition – January 2024

If you know a volunteer or undergraduate who should be recognized in the Quarterly, fill out this simple form. The volunteer recognition is not limited to Chapter Advisors and Province Archons, and the undergraduate recognition is not limited to Sages.

Volunteer of the Quarter

Committed to Fraternal Progress
Stuart Hobson (Indiana ’86)
Alex Beaven (Pennington & Company), contributing writer

“I volunteer because I love working with the undergraduate members and seeing them develop as young men.”

Sigma Pi membership gave Stuart Hobson (Indiana ’86) a home and support system on Indiana University’s large campus. He found opportunities to serve Beta Chapter as an undergraduate, and to this day, Stuart gladly remains engaged as a volunteer and legacy connection for his two sons in Sigma Pi.

“Leadership positions really helped me develop my sense of self and made me who I am,” Stuart said. Through service as recruitment chairman and vice president, Stuart believes Sigma Pi taught him even more than he learned in the classroom.

When Stuart was in law school, he began volunteering for the alumni association and once again held a vice president position. This later opened the door for more than a decade of service as alumni association president.

“I was fortunate enough to become a father of four boys. Four active, young kids did not leave much time for the Fraternity,” Stuart noted of his decision to resign from the role. When Sigma Pi began recolonization efforts at Indiana University in 2023, however, it opened the door for Stuart’s assistance once again.

Stuart’s selfless work for Sigma Pi earned him the honor of Volunteer of the Quarter, yet he remains diligent in prioritizing the undergraduate experience. “I’d love to recognize other alumni who may volunteer; we need more volunteers!” 

Considering the return of Sigma Pi to IU, Stuart looks forward to seeing how the upcoming initiates will lead the chapter into the next 100 years on campus.

You can connect with Stuart at stuarthobson4138@gmail.com

Undergraduates of the Quarter

A Swift Chartering
Brett Jackson (Coastal Carolina ’22) on the Birth of Iota-Chi
Will Marsh (Pennington & Company), contributing writer

As he made his college plans, Brett Jackson (Coastal Carolina ’22) had no desire to join a fraternity. Then he made a close friend within another chapter of Sigma Pi and came to appreciate how deep the brotherhood ran.

“Once I learned that Sigma Pi was starting at Coastal, I didn’t even think twice—I fully committed to joining and giving it my all,” Brett said. Nobody expected Iota-Chi to receive its charter so quickly—certainly not while his class was still in school—but in his presidency, that’s exactly what happened.

“We made a name for ourselves and proved to everyone that Sigma Pi deserved to be at Coastal Carolina University,” he said. “When the time finally came, it was such a cool moment because we had just worked so hard for so long to get our charter. It’s one of my biggest accomplishments.”

In addition to chapter president, Brett served as recruitment chairman early on. Both roles in Iota-Chi taught him time management as well as valuable leadership skills, including selflessness and how to delegate effectively.

“I never imagined being recognized as Undergraduate of the Quarter, but it shows how much work—not just from me, but our whole chapter—has gone into building Iota-Chi,” Brett said. “So thank you to all of the nationals, the support from Coastal, my family, and most importantly, my brothers. I would not be here without any of y’all. Sigma Pi has made me a much better man than I was before.”

Brett is majoring in human resource management and hopes to work on the recruitment side of an organization’s HR someday.

You can connect with him at justbrettjackson@gmail.com.

A Beacon of Brotherhood
Jesse Mink (Alabama ’20) on Sigma Pi, IFC Honors
Alex Beaven (Pennington & Company), contributing writer

Sigma Pi elevates the personal development of every man who dedicates himself to the brotherhood. Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, Jesse Mink (Alabama ’20) returned to his home state for college after attending high school in Washington, D.C. Jesse’s time in Theta-Omicron Chapter has opened new doors while introducing him to a tight-knit group with shared values.

Leading the Way

“Sigma Pi has definitely given me a couple incredibly useful experiences that have contributed to my personal and professional development,” Jesse said. His term as chapter president put Jesse in contact with alumni, University officials, and various others to ensure smooth operation.

Working with “What Good Looks Like” has been a highlight for Jesse, as the organization aims to support mental health for fraternity members. Jesse collaborated to establish a wellness commission to benefit members while also instituting an academic committee, leading to a GPA increase from 2.79 to 3.04 in just one semester.

Rewarded Efforts

The Interfraternity Council at the University of Alabama recently established a new title, the IFC Man of the Month. Jesse earned the honor in November 2023, exemplifying a high standard of Sigma Pi brotherhood. 

“It was something I quite frankly did not expect. I think the Council was impressed by some strides in the right direction that Sigma Pi has made over the last year as well as my personal involvement in various other campus organizations and my recent internship with U.S. Senator Tuberville’s office.”

Jesse was also recently named the Sigma Pi Undergraduate of the Quarter, which he hopes can attract national attention to the progress Theta-Omicron Chapter is making at Alabama. This fraternal recognition is a chance for Jesse to inspire younger brothers on campus and beyond as to how they can help their own respective chapters grow.

After graduating in December 2024, Jesse will be commissioned into the U.S. Army. He hopes to secure an internship or full-time job over the summer to utilize his finance and asset-management skills.

You can connect with Jesse at jvmink@crimson.ua.edu.