Quarterly Recognition – April 2024

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Volunteer of the Quarter

Committed to Fraternal Progress 
Peter Georgantopoulos (UC Irvine ’95) on His Role as Chapter Advisor
Alex Beaven (Pennington & Company), contributing writer

“If our undergraduates strive to challenge themselves and grow beyond their comfort zones, they will learn so much about themselves while their chapter grows in its success.”

When Peter Georgantopoulos (UC Irvine ’95) joined Sigma Pi in October 1994, Eta-Upsilon (then a colony) offered him a chance to grow beyond just academic goals. Today, Peter pays the fraternity experience forward as a devoted volunteer.

Learning to Lead

“I became involved in many aspects of chapter operations,” Peter said about his undergraduate years. Fraternity engagement opened the door to service throughout the campus community, including Interfraternity Council and student government involvement.

Peter’s opportunities beyond the classroom developed crucial skills for his professional life. When he returned to California to care for his mother battling cancer, two local alumni invited Peter back to the house to share advice with undergraduates.

“I will always be grateful to them because they knew I needed breaks from the daily routine of being a caretaker. That involvement quickly transitioned into my formal appointment as chapter advisor.”

Poised for Excellence

Peter is proud of Eta-Upsilon’s success through various awards and undergraduates stepping into leadership roles. From COVID restrictions to chapter budgeting, Peter has been grateful to work alongside members making smart decisions and developing themselves as disciplined young men.

“I keep a keen eye out for members who have a desire to succeed and/or the potential to lead. I’ve been fortunate enough to have several young men who have those traits and are willing to be mentored and learn what it takes to succeed and lead.”

No group success is achieved without hard work and collaborative effort, and Peter recognizes the tough decisions that undergraduates have had to make over the years. Looking ahead, he is optimistic about the continued growth for Sigma Pi at UC Irvine. With his guidance and today’s members who are committed to professional development, Eta-Upsilon can continue to produce brothers who take Sigma Pi’s motto to heart.

“Progress, man’s distinctive mark alone, Not God’s, and not the beasts’: God is, they are, Man partly is and wholly hopes to be.” –Robert Browning

You can connect with Peter at pgeorgan122@gmail.com

Undergraduates of the Quarter

A Young Leader in Action
Ryan Russell (Illinois State ’22) Joins the ISU Board of Trustees
Alex Beaven (Pennington & Company), contributing writer

When Ryan Russell (Illinois State ’22) joined Sigma Pi, he knew he was joining something bigger than himself while developing lifelong connections. Now, Ryan is taking the next step in supporting a large community by representing the student body on the Illinois State Board of Trustees.

Learning to Lead

“I met the past student body president at my first recruitment event,” Ryan shared. As a member of Sigma Pi, Ryan continues to develop himself personally and professionally through remarkable opportunities beyond the classroom. “Getting involved with student government was a goal of mine, which drew me even further into wanting to be a Sigma Pi.”

From Sigma Pi officer roles to Interfraternity Council and Order of Omega involvement, Ryan understands the Fraternity and Sorority Life atmosphere at Illinois State. Following his recent election as student trustee on the Board of Trustees, Ryan is prepared to apply his knowledge as a voice for more than 20,000-plus students while continuing to improve his school.

“Sigma Pi always had my back, and during voting, they were out campaigning for me,” Ryan shared. “There isn’t anything quite like it, where you know you are going to have a large number of men on your side no matter what.”

A Voice for All

Ryan looks forward to communicating with students, faculty, and fellow board members about campus life and student organizations. His connections throughout Illinois State encourage Ryan to keep everyone in mind as he promotes a positive college experience. “At the end of the day, I advocate for the students and not just what I feel is right or wrong.”

Illinois State feels like a second home for Ryan, and he is prepared to use his newfound position to shape a bright future for the university. Thanks to Sigma Pi, Ryan has the skills and network he needs for success on the Board of Trustees.

Beyond college, Ryan hopes to apply his communication and relationship-building skills to a career in sales and marketing. You can connect with Ryan at russellryan1018@gmail.com

A First for Sigma Pi
Danny Nikolic (Michigan State ’22) Goes to Washington
Will Marsh (Pennington & Company), contributing writer

Although Danny Nikolic (Michigan State ’22) wasn’t initially interested in fraternities, the “absurdly welcoming” culture of Sigma Pi quickly changed his mind. Serving as Chapter President helped Danny form impeccable leadership skills, which serve him well as this year’s IFC president at Michigan State.

In April 2024, Danny became the first Sigma Pi member to travel to Washington, D.C., on behalf of the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition to advocate for Fraternity and Sorority Life.

“It was a huge opportunity to represent my Chapter and Sigma Pi, but it’s also a great feeling to be part of something that will make a difference,” Danny said of his brief yet impactful trip to D.C. “That doesn’t just go for me; it goes for the alumni and peers who helped shape me into the man I am today. Without them setting the path for success, I would have never had these opportunities.”

Between April 8-11, Danny and his fellow student and alumni representatives met with elected members of Congress and their staff to share their positive fraternity/sorority experiences and advocate for the FGRC’s legislative goals. This year’s goals include anti-hazing legislation to fund relevant education on college campuses as well as the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act, which would provide more access to funding for fraternity/sorority housing improvements. Tim was particularly proud to speak to the nation’s leaders and lead the fight against hazing at all universities.

Danny and the Michigan Team had the unique opportunity to eat lunch with Tim Walberg (R-MI 5th District), where they discussed shared goals for universities in the state. “It was great learning how many similarities we had, with his hometown being 20 minutes from me,” Danny said.

Danny is a junior and finance major with plans to work in wealth management—though his work in D.C. has him considering law school as well. “I think I have a passion for this kind of stuff; I had a great time.” Danny would also like to thank Zeta-Mu Chapter and Sigma Pi National Headquarters for all their support of the brotherhood.