Zeta-Delta Chapter at the University of Colorado at Boulder

“Sigma Pi Fraternity and the members of the local IFC at University of Colorado at Boulder share common values,” said Michael Ayalon, Executive Director. “We agree with the spirit of the IFC’s decision to remove Sigma Pi from the local IFC because of a zero tolerance for violations of the policies and sanctions. However, by not working with these undergraduate students, it would deny them the opportunity to grow and learn from this life changing experience. 

We understand that we have a situation with the Sigma Pi chapter at University of Colorado at Boulder in which the conduct of some of our members was not in line with the values of Sigma Pi or the local IFC. We have committed to perform a membership review in October where members that are cleared by the Executive Office will be permitted to keep their membership, and the others will be expelled. Once that review is concluded, there is a 4 phase redevelopment plan in place to rebuild the chapter, install an alumni advisory board, minimum GPA requirements, community service, and a properly documented alcohol education program. If the chapter is unable to meet all of these requirements, we will consider removing the charter of the local chapter. To remove their charter prior to this process would be premature.

Our goal as educators is to develop these men and teach them about fellowship, character, leadership, moral awareness, academic achievement, and service to their community. The undergraduate members of Sigma Pi deserve that opportunity.  I want to be completely transparent in our actions. Our membership in the local IFC is very important to us. Once the process is complete and we can demonstrate our progress to the IFC, I will personally appeal to the local IFC in Boulder to allow Sigma Pi back in as a stronger group that shares our values.” 

Sigma Pi Fraternity has resolved to hold its chapters accountable for compliance with all Grand Chapter and University policies, FIPG guidelines, new member education policies, minimum standards on chapter membership, and adherence to the governing laws of the Fraternity.

Sigma Pi Fraternity was founded in 1897 at Vincennes University, in Vincennes, Indiana. Our headquarters is located in Brentwood, Tennessee. The Fraternity is one of the top men’s collegiate organizations in North America, with more than 120 active chapters and colonies in the United States and Canada. With over 95,000 alumni and 5,500 undergraduates; our men strive for excellence by living our core values to promote fellowship, develop character and leadership, advance heightened moral awareness, enable academic achievement, and inspire service. Sigma Pi is the only Greek letter organization with an international philanthropic program, The ACE Project, specifically designed to give back to our host institutions.