The purpose of the Department of Strategic Growth is to diligently research opportunities in order to establish and cultivate colonies to become a chapter that makes real the ideals of Sigma Pi. Our goal is to acquire premier institutions for expansion through values based recruitment of campus leaders, scholars, athletes and gentlemen.

We focus our efforts to demonstrate the value in our organization through the actions of our new chapters. If you are looking for the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, develop a personal and professional network extending around the globe and the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that extend beyond the classroom, you might have what it takes to become a Sigma Pi. Contact the Executive Office at

The Following are Key Considerations for Expansion Projects:


  • Demographics
  • Support
  • Location
  • Reputation

Fraternity and Sorority Community

  • Size/Health of chapters and membership
  • Reputation of system
  • Recruitment opportunities
  • Other expansion projects ongoing


  • Area alumni (size)
  • Support
  • Interest
  • Ability to create and sustain an Alumni Advisory Board

Initial Steps of an Expansion Project 

1. Communication between the Director of Strategic Growth and Interest Group

2. Department of Strategic Growth Researches and Surveys the Potential Project 

It is vital for our department to have the adequate information on prospective schools. This allows us to better understand the likelihood of Sigma Pi not only having the ability to successfully expand on a campus, but more importantly our ability to be a continual and ever-present player in directly impacting the continued growth of the university and the Fraternity and Sorority community.

Our research is based on:

  • University Structure and Support
  • Student Demographics
  • City Demographics
  • Current Fraternity and Sorority Community
  • Area Alumni (of ΣΠ)

3. Contact University Fraternity and Sorority Advisor 

  • Expansion Information Packet is sent
  • Discuss Interest Group
  • Discuss University and current Fraternity and Sorority system

4. Director of Strategic Growth Travels to University

  • Meets with the interest group
    • Answer all questions regarding our organization
    • Assess the quality and character if the men interested in starting a colony
  • Meets with the Fraternity and Sorority Advisor
    • Answer questions
    • Talk about timeline

5. Target Alumni

  • Set up informational session to discuss an Alumni Advisory Board

6. Department of Strategic Growth Consideration and Decision to Expand 

7. Presentation to the University