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coloradostateSMALLSigma Pi Fraternity has been invited to join the fraternity and sorority community at Colorado State University. The history of the Eta-Sigma Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity dates back to April 24, 1993. The chapter has a history of excellence which includes winning Sigma Pi’s Grand Council award as a top 12 chapter of Sigma Pi in 1986.

Becoming a founding father of Sigma Pi Fraternity offers students a unique way to access collegiate life. The chance to build a brotherhood of students who will work alongside one another creates bonds that go well beyond the classroom. From planning a cookout on the quad, to organizing philanthropy efforts which encompass all of student life and the surrounding community — the founding fathers of Eta-Sigma will challenge one another to strive to start new traditions at Colorado State University.

If you are interested in becoming a founding father, would like to recommend a man for membership, or are interested in more information about the alumni advisory board for the Epsilon-Beta Colony, then please contact the colony president at or complete our interest form below and a brother will contact you!