The Awards and Recognition Committee, appointed by the Grand Council, has developed a formal application process to nominate alumni brothers that you feel are worthy of our highest individual award, The Founders’ Award.

In order for the nominee to be considered for this award, the following nomination application must be completed as throughly as possible by the nominator. By providing the background information requested, it provides the committee members with a very clear understanding of the nominees qualifications, while leveling the playing field for all those being considered. Although you might know the nominee, many on the Committee may have little or no knowledge of them or their qualifications. Per bylaw 3, section 4, this award is open to alumni recipients only.

The task of the committee will be to review and recommend the slate of qualified nominees to the Grand Council, who will then make the final decision on the recipients. 

The timetable for nominations is as follows:

  • Nominations commence July 1, 2017
  • Nominations close November 30, 2017