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About the Delta Society

We are proud to announce that the Delta Society has been reimagined, giving our undergraduate members more reason than ever to join! The Delta Society is an honorary membership society recognizing those who have begun a tradition of financial support for the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation during their collegiate experience.  Their generosity helps the Fraternity in continued development of educational and leadership initiatives, including the Bayard Membership Experience and Mid-Year Leadership Conference, among other programs that ensure the continued growth and development of our members.  As an undergraduate member of Sigma Pi, you have the opportunity to help build the future of our Fraternity. The selfless giving back by a Delta Society member further serves as an invaluable example for his chapter brothers. “The Brother who becomes fully involved with Sigma Pi will continue to enjoy and benefit from it throughout his lifetime.”  – Sigma Pi Manual

The Fraternity’s commitment to its undergraduates is steeped in rich tradition. Since 1897, the Fraternity has dedicated itself to guiding principles that have significantly enriched the lives of each member. By recognizing and honoring that past, Sigma Pi is, in a sense, endowing its future. The reimagined program features multiple giving opportunities with associated gifts for each option.

Option A

  • $30 per year for three years 
  • Perfect for freshmen and sophomores who have plenty of time to complete the Delta Society 
  • Gifts at each level: 
    • Year One – Level 1 Lapel Pin
    • Year Two – Level 2 Lapel Pin, Pen & Notepad, Sticker
    • Year Three – Level 3 Lapel Pin, Socks, Special Full Enrollment Pin

Option B

  • $45 per year for two years
  • A great choice for juniors who want to ensure they earn full enrollment prior to graduating
  • Gifts at each level:  
    • Year One – Level 1 and 2 Lapel Pin, Pen & Notepad, Sticker Pack
    • Year Two – Level 3 Lapel Pin, Socks, Special Full Enrollment Pin

Option C

  • $90 one-time
  • The best option for seniors who are near graduation
  • Gifts upon enrollment: 
    • Year One – Level 1, 2, and 3 Lapel Pin, Pen & Notepad, Sticker Pack, Stadium Cup, Socks, Special Full Enrollment Pin