The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexist or sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions, activities or events, whether on chapter premises or an off-site location which are demeaning to women or men, including but not limited to verbal harassment, sexual assault by individuals or members acting together. The employment or use of strippers, exotic dancers or similar, whether professional or amateur, at a fraternity event as defined in this policy is prohibited.

How can you be engaged in sexual assault prevention as a member of Sigma Pi?

  1. Have meaningful conversations on campus as a caring community of Greek members about consent and healthy relationships.
  2. Take pro-active steps to address sexual assault in your campus community.
  3. Promote counseling and Title IX campus resources that are available locally.
  4. Support those who choose to report.
  5. Confront bystander behavior and provide education on how you can intervene to help other members of your community.