Individual Member Expenses:

New Member Fee ($150 One Time): The $150 new member fee includes a copy of the Sigma Pi Manual, a new member pin, a one year coverage under the fraternity’s liability insurance and eligibility for academic and leadership scholarships from the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation.

Initiation Fee ($350 One Time): The $350 initiation fee is a lifetime membership and includes a membership ID card, a member certificate, a member active badge, liability insurance coverage under the chapter and full active benefits all throughout North America.

Chapter Expenses:

Convocation Dues ($500): Each chapter pays $500 by December 1 and May 1 every year. Colonies do not have to pay Convocation Dues. This goes directly towards keeping costs low for the Sigma Pi Convocation (held bi-annually in even years).

Semi-Annual Dues: Sigma Pi requires semi-annual dues from each chapter.  These dues are equal to two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) per chapter and Sixty dollars ($60.00) per active member.

Insurance: Per Bylaw 5, Section 6, each Chapter shall pay the estimated insurance premium, per active member, payable October 1st of each calendar year.

SPEF Contribution: $5 per member will be billed annually in Fall as a contribution to the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation, which assists in funding educational and leadership programming, as well as scholarships for individual members.