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The Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director) is responsible for the management of the headquarters, staff and operations of the Fraternity. He devotes his time to the interests of the Fraternity and is responsible to the Grand Sage and the orders of the Grand Council. He is required to keep full and accurate records of the business affairs of the Fraternity and to make periodic reports to the Grand Council, Grand Chapter, and Convocations.

There have been eight Executive Directors for Sigma Pi:

Harold Jacobsen, Lambda, Kenyon
(May 1927 – July 1963)

James L. Hills, Alpha-Chi, Maryland
(July 1963 – August 1971)

D. Dean Crook, Beta-Gamma, Eastern Illnois
(August 1971 – July 1978, March 1992 – June 1995)

William C. Marrs, Delta-Psi, Troy
(July 1978 – June 1980)

Andrew Morris, Gamma-Upsilon, Murray State
(August 1980 – June 1991)

Mark S. Briscoe, Alpha-Pi, Arkansas State
(March 1997 – March 2012)

Michael R. Ayalon, Epsilon-Omicron, Buffalo
(July 2012 – September 2015)

Jason Walker, Alpha-Phi, Georgia
(April 2016 – Current)