Below is a listing of active and inactive chapters and colonies. If you would like more information on a chapter or colony to include address, current officers, and number of members, please visit the Chapter & Alumni Search page. (*) denotes colony.

Alpha Vincennes University
Phi University Illinois
Gamma Ohio State University
Kappa Temple University
Delta University of Pennsylvania
Epsilon Ohio University
Zeta Ohio Northern University
Eta Purdue University
Theta Pennsylvania State University
Iota University of California – Berkeley
Lambda Kenyon College
Mu Cornell University
Nu Franklin & Marshall College
Xi University of Iowa
Omicron Tulane University
Pi University of Utah
Rho North Carolina State University
Sigma Iowa State University
Tau University of Wisconsin – Madison
Upsilon University of California – Los Angeles
Chi University of Pittsburgh
Psi Emory University
Omega Oregon State University
Beta Indiana University
Alpha-Beta University Michigan
Alpha-Gamma University of Washington
Alpha-Delta Auburn University
Alpha-Epsilon Mercer University
Alpha-Zeta St. Lawrence University
Alpha-Eta College of William & Mary
Alpha-Theta Beloit College
Alpha-Iota Missouri University of Science & Technology
Alpha-Kappa Louisiana State University
Alpha-Lambda Mississippi State University
Alpha-Mu New Jersey Institute of Technology
Alpha-Nu Wake Forest University
Alpha-Xi California State University – Fresno
Alpha-Omicron University of California – Santa Barbara
Alpha-Pi Arkansas State University
Alpha-Rho Missouri State University
Alpha-Sigma University of Arkansas
Alpha-Tau University of Louisiana – Lafayette
Alpha-Upsilon University of Rhode Island
Alpha-Phi University of Georgia
Alpha-Chi University of Maryland – College Park
Alpha-Psi Utah State University
Alpha-Omega San Diego State University
Beta-Gamma Eastern Illinois University
Beta-Delta University of Kansas
Beta-Epsilon Syracuse University
Beta-Zeta University of Miami
Beta-Eta San Jose State University
Beta-Theta Drexel University
Beta-Iota Northern Arizona University
Beta-Kappa Arizona State University
Beta-Lambda Lycoming College
Beta-Mu University of Mississippi
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
Beta-Xi New Mexico State University
Beta-Omicron California State University – Long Beach
Beta-Pi University of Virginia
Beta-Rho Barton College
Beta-Sigma Northern Illinois University
Beta-Tau Valparaiso University
Beta-Upsilon Shippensburg University
Beta-Phi Rochester Institute of Technology
Beta-Chi Loyola University of Chicago
East Stroudsburg University
Beta-Omega Lock Haven University
Gamma-Alpha University of Detroit-Mercy
Gamma-Beta Eastern Michigan University
Gamma-Gamma University of Central Missouri
Gamma-Delta Slippery Rock University
Gamma-Epsilon Fairmont State University
Gamma-Zeta Parsons College
Rutgers University
Delta-Omicron University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Delta-Sigma University of Wisconsin – Stout
Gamma-Theta University of Texas – Austin
Gamma-Rho Western Michigan University
Delta-Chi Western State College of Colorado
Gamma-Iota Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Gamma-Kappa Indiana Institute of Technology
Gamma-Lambda University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
Gamma-Mu University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Gamma-Nu University of Akron
Gamma-Xi West Virginia Institute of Technology
Gamma-Omicron University of Findlay
Gamma-Pi Indiana State University
Gamma-Sigma University of Missouri – Columbia
Gamma-Tau Georgia Southern University
Gamma-Upsilon Murray State University
Delta-Gamma Milton College
Gamma-Phi University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
Gamma-Chi Quinnipiac University
Gamma-Psi Saint Louis University
Gamma-Omega Wayne State University
Delta-Alpha Central Michigan University
Delta-Beta Monmouth University
Delta-Epsilon Seton Hall University
Delta-Zeta University of Missouri – St. Louis
Delta-Eta Youngstown State University
Delta-Theta Texas A&M – Corpus Christi
Delta-Iota University of Wisconsin – Platteville
Delta-Lambda Louisiana Tech University
Delta-Mu Salem-Tiekyo University
Delta-Pi Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Delta-Nu Ball State University
Delta-Xi Southern Utah University
Delta-Rho Morehead State University
Delta-Tau Indiana University – South Bend
Delta-Upsilon Virginia Tech University
Delta-Phi University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse
Delta-Psi Troy University
Delta-Omega Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
Epsilon-Alpha Southern Polytechnic State University
Epsilon-Beta University of Kentucky
Epsilon-Gamma Illinois Wesleyan University
Epsilon-Delta Columbus State University
Epsilon-Epsilon Emporia State University
Epsilon-Zeta Western Illinois University
Epsilon-Eta Illinois State University
Epsilon-Theta Elon University
Epsilon-Iota California State University – Northridge
Epsilon-Kappa Southern Arkansas University
Epsilon-Lambda Eastern Kentucky University
Epsilon-Mu James Madison University
Epsilon-Nu California State University – Fullerton
Epsilon-Xi Farleigh Dickinson University
Epsilon-Omicron State University of New York – Buffalo
Epsilon-Pi Christopher Newport University
Epsilon-Rho Drury University
Epsilon-Sigma Loyola Marymount University
Epsilon-Tau University of Tennessee – Martin
Epsilon-Upsilon University of California – Davis
Epsilon-Phi Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott
Epsilon-Chi* University of San Diego
Epsilon-Psi Widener University
Epsilon-Omega State University of New York – Potsdam
Zeta-Alpha West Chester University
Zeta-Beta Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona
Zeta-Gamma Millersville University
Zeta-Delta University of Colorado
Zeta-Epsilon Michigan Technological University
Zeta-Zeta University of Florida
Zeta-Eta Santa Clara University
Zeta-Theta State University of New York – Plattsburgh
Zeta-Iota University of Western Ontario
Zeta-Kappa California State University – Bakersfield
Zeta-Lambda University of Southern California
Zeta-Mu Michigan State University
Zeta-Nu Villanova University
Zeta-Xi Southeast Oklahoma State University
Zeta-Omicron Lawrence technological University
Zeta-Pi Oakland University
Zeta-Rho Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Zeta-Sigma North Carolina Wesleyan College
Zeta-Tau Northern Colorado University
Zeta-Upsilon University of California – San Diego
Zeta-Phi Southeast Louisiana University
Zeta-Chi Rowan University
Zeta-Psi West Virginia University
Zeta-Omega University of Nevada – Reno
Eta-alpha University of California – Sacramento
Eta-Beta Southern Connecticut State University
Eta-Gamma Hofstra University
Eta-Delta California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo
Eta-Epsilon Florida State University
Eta-Zeta Western Connecticut State University
Eta-Eta Bridgewater State University
Eta-Theta York College of Pennsylvania
Eta-Iota California State University – Dominguez Hills
Eta-Kappa East Carolina University
Eta-Lambda SUNY – Albany
Eta-Mu Missouri Southern State University
Eta-Nu Towson University
Eta-Xi University of North Carolina – Asheville
Eta-Omicron University of Toronto
Eta-Pi Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Eta-Rho Carleton University
Eta-Sigma Colorado State University
Eta-Tau Fitchburg State University
Eta-Upsilon University of California – Irvine
Eta-Phi Miami University
Eta-Chi DePaul University
Eta-Psi Clemson University
Eta-Omega Johnson & Wales
Theta-Alpha Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Theta-Beta Saginaw Valley State University
Theta-Gamma University of West Alabama
Theta-Delta The College of New Jersey
Theta-Epsilon Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Theta-Zeta Lynchburg College
Theta-Eta Old Dominion University
Theta-Theta Ferris State University
Theta-Iota Pennsylvania State University – Altoona
Theta-Kappa Texas Tech University
Theta-Lambda Radford University
Theta-Mu California State University – Chico
Theta-Nu University of Houston
Theta-Xi Salisbury University
Theta-Omicron University of Alabama
Theta-Pi University of Arizona
Theta-Rho Grand Valley State University
Theta-Sigma Ursinus College
Theta-Tau William Paterson College
Theta-Upsilon Texas State University – San Marcos
Theta-Phi Pennsylvania College of Technology
Theta-Chi Saint Joseph’s University
Theta-Psi University of Southern Indiana
Theta-Omega Middle Tennessee State University
Iota-Alpha Kansas State University
Iota-Beta University of Delaware
Iota-Gamma Texas A&M University
Iota-Delta University of Texas – San Antonio
Iota-Epsilon University of Oregon
Iota-Zeta University of Minnesota
Iota-Eta University of California – Santa Cruz
Iota-Theta Bentley University
Iota-Iota Montclair State University
Iota-Kappa University of Central Florida
Iota-Lambda Arkansas Technological University
Iota-Mu Georgia Institute of Technology
Iota-Nu Washington State University
Iota-Xi Duke University
Iota-Omicron University of Louisville
Iota-Pi Oklahoma State University
Iota-Rho Keene State College
* University of South Florida
* St. Johns University