SIGMA PI FRATERNITY believes that our men will strive for excellence by living our core values and individual chapters will be most successful through fulfilling our Standards of Excellence (SOE). This program will advance man’s quest for excellence through supporting the values and principles upon which our fraternity was founded. To ensure that our chapters promote fellowship, develop character and leadership, advance heightened moral awareness, enable academic achievement and inspire service, this program will set forth the Standards of Excellence for every chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity International. The fundamental purpose of this program is to encourage our chapters to return to our founding values, which are crucial to the rich development of fraternity men. The Standards of Excellence is comprised of 10-focus areas; one for each of the stars in our Radiant Triangle.

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The Standards of Excellence criteria, reporting system and progress tracker are accessible through visiting our website at It is strongly encouraged that all chapters review all of the criteria and due-dates as soon as possible. Several components of this program are due at various points during the school year and others are due no later than June 1st. Similar to our previous accreditation programs (The Gold Standard and Efficiency Points), the Standards of Excellence will be used for awards and to calculate discounts and increases on chapter’s annual dues. A new SOE recognition program will be instituted to recognize our chapters achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. For additional information about the Standards of Excellence, please email at or your Regional Director.

Executive Council

  • All Executive Council members utilize Email Addresses
  • At least one delegate attends Summer Conference (Convocation or SPUIFI)
  • All required chapter leaders attend Mid-Year Leadership Conference
  • 50% of chapter attends Province Workshop
  • Holds at least one Executive or Committee Chair position in Interfraternity/InterGreek Council or Student Government
  • Meet with the Office of Fraternity/Sorority Affairs Staff at least once a month AND submit Campus Professional Meeting
  • Confirmation Report
  • 80% of chapter members are involved in other Recognized Student Organizations
  • Participate in Major Campus Activities (Homecoming, Greek Week, etc.)
  • Acknowledge ALL recognized Sorority Founding Dates on campus
  • Acknowledge ALL recognized Fraternity Founding Dates on campus
  • Receive an Award/Recognition from the institution/community
  • Total Membership is largest of all IFC fraternities
  • Total Membership exceeds 25


  • Business Meetings held weekly
  • Executive Council Meetings held weekly with an alumni volunteer in attendance
  • All Chapter Meetings opened & closed according to Ritual
  • Weekly Communication with Chapter Director; Monthly Communication with Province Archon
  • Sage Monthly Report [10th of each month]
  • Membership Contract uploaded and signed by all members [October 15th]
  • Official Sigma Pi Ritual used & reported
  • Executive Council rehearses Ritual prior to execution
  • Submit completed Standards of Excellence [June 1st]

2nd Counselor

  • Standards/Judicial Board consists of at least five members
  • Committee System (10+ committees)
  • Committees Meet Bi-Weekly
  • Structure of Accountability in place with committee chairmen
  • All members (active + new) are assigned to a committee
  • Committee Expectations & Goals Report [February 15th]
  • 2nd Counselor Monthly Report [10th of each month]
  • Harm Reduction Workshop (Risk Management, Relationship & Sexual Violence)
  • Financial Literacy Workshop (Personal Financial Planning & Management)
  • Academic Success Workshop (Learning Styles & Study Skills)
  • Etiquette Workshop (Chivalry & Decorum of a Gentlemen)
  • Professional Development Workshop (Resumes, Interviews & Conduct/Dress)
  • Goal Setting Workshop (Personal, Professional & Organizational)
  • Men’s Health Workshop (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Recruitment Workshop with 90% attendance AND provide Continuous Recruitment Education

3rd Counselor

  • 3rd Counselor Monthly Report [10th of each month]
  • Chapter Budget; voted upon and submitted [October 15th]
  • Utilize Financial Record-Keeping Software OR an Approved Third Party Billing Service
  • IRS Form 990; filed and submitted
  • Follow International Financial Suspension/Expulsion Procedures
  • Checking Account with online access OR enrolled in Electronic Bill Pay
  • Receipts Issued for payment of fees
  • Savings Account with 5%< of annual budget deposited
  • Annual Financial Review Verification
  • Grand Chapter Balance is $0 [December 31st & June 30th]
  • Semi-Annual Dues paid in full [November 1st & March 1st]
  • Convocation Assessment Dues paid in full [December 1st & May 1st]

4th Counselor

  • 90% of Members attend weekly business meetings
  • Chapter Bylaws submitted and updated within the last two years [October 15th]
  • Chapter Workbook utilized (Google Doc) [checked October 10th, January 10th & April 10th]
  • Outstanding Membership Issues resolved [checked December 31st & June 30th]
  • 4th Counselor Monthly Report [10th of each month]
  • Records Verification [October 1st & February 1st]

1st Counselor

  • Parliamentary Procedure (Roberts Rules of Order) used during all chapter meetings
  • Business Attire worn by all members during chapter meetings (shirt, tie, dress shoes & slacks)
  • Functioning Standards System with written rules and procedures
  • Judicial Cases & Sanctions properly documented AND follows International Conduct Suspension/Expulsion Procedures
  • Risk Management Plan submitted & approved [October 15th]
  • 1st Counselor Monthly Report [10th of each month]
  • Ritual Equipment; full inventory, stored & secured safely
  • Regular Alumni Advisory Board Communication
  • Regular Alumni Communication
  • Alumni Newsletters; distributed & submitted [December 31st & June 30th]
  • Two Alumni Functions
  • Alumni Recognition Program
  • Alumni Contact Information; updated & communicated with Director of Alumni Services


  • Emerald Report [September 10th, February 10th & May 10th]
  • Annual Ritual Review
  • Two active Social Media Outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, website, etc.)

ACE Chairman

  • Completed ACE Project
  • ACE Project Institutional Approval [2 weeks before event]
  • Pre-Event Press Release AND Social Media Event Page
  • 90% Active Chapter Participation
  • ACE Project Report [2 weeks after event]

Athletics Chairman

  • Participate in at least 2 campus Intramurals per year

Brotherhood Chairman

  • 3+ Monthly Brotherhood Events
  • 6+ Non-Alcoholic Brotherhood Events

Community Service Chairman

  • Conduct OR Participate 10+ Community Service Projects AND 20+ Community Service Hours per Member

Fundraising Chairman

  • Hold 2+ Fundraisers

Neophyte/Pledge Educator

  • Foundations of Membership Report [October 15th]

Philanthropy Chairman

  • Conduct OR Participate 5+ Projects AND $50+ Donated per member for Philanthropic Causes
  • Conduct one Amazing Day Foundation event AND one Donate Life event

Recruitment Chairman

  • Recruitment Activities comply with all IFC/IGC, institution & FIPG regulations
  • Names List (Google Doc) OR Chapter Builder
  • Written Values-Based Recruitment Program [October 1st]
  • Recruitment Goals; met/exceeded pledge goal and initiated at least 90%
  • Total New Members recruited is largest of all IFC fraternities

Scholarship Chairman

  • Chapter Cumulative GPA is highest among all IFC fraternities AND exceeds the All-Men’s Average/All-IFC Average; whichever is higher
  • Neophyte Cumulative GPA is highest among all IFC fraternities AND exceeds the All-Men’s Average/All-IFC Average; whichever is higher
  • 80% of individual cumulative GPAs exceed the All-Men’s average/All-IFC Average; whichever is higher
  • New Member Cumulative GPA Requirement is at OR exceeds the All-Men’s Average/All-IFC Average; whichever is higher
  • Member Good Standing Cumulative GPA Requirement is at OR exceeds the All-Men’s Average/All-IFC Average; whichever is higher
  • Officer Cumulative GPA Requirement exceeds the cumulative GPA requirement to be in good standing
  • Academic Success Program [October 15th]
  • Academic Awards & Scholarships available to members
  • Have an active Faculty Advisor
  • Follow International Academic Suspension/Expulsion Procedures

Social Chairman

  • 4 Non-Alcoholic Social Events
  • Non-Fraternity/Non-Sorority Social
Badge Standard Percentage Range
Gold 95% +
Silver 90% – 94%
Bronze 85% – 89%

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